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Re: Minimum Wage Issue (or)

RE: Minimum wage issues (or)

Mark Pryor screwed legal residents (White Co) map

minimum wage issue - obamacare - etc (NLR)

Frank Gilbert Arkansas Governor (NLR) pic

@Re: Liberitarian Candidate (or) (NLR)

Re: Pryor For Gay Marriage (or)

Election 2016 We can fix it all

Tomorrow Most Important Election republicans Have Never Done anything (4 T Mid&Poor Class)

Re: Pryor let the VA ruin my life (or)


Calling Out Frank Gilbert (or)

Re: Frank Gilbert For Governor (or)

It Comes Down To This (or)

Re: Minimum wage issue (or)

Help elect conservative Luke McCoy (Sherwood) pic map

Obamacare (or)

Re: Vote No On Minimum wage (or)

PURPLE COW Restaurant - Looking For Old Memorabilia/Souvenirs pic map

Wanted City Attorney (Batesville) map

Let's save this republic. (USA)

Re: Vote No To Minimum Wage (or)

Re: Vote The Socialists Out (or)

James Michael Hood campaigner for Frank Gilbert (or)

PURPLE COW Restaurant - Looking for old menus, signs, stuffed cow etc pic map

Re: Liberitarian Candidate (or)

Re: Pryor Is For Gay Marriage (LR)

Re: Vote No To Minimum Wage Increase (LR)

Cotton Voted With Obama 50% Of The Time (little Rock)

Re: Pryor is for gay marriage (or)

Re: Pryor Let The VA Ruin My Life (little rock)

Re: Vote The Socialists Out (little Rock)

Vote Republican Destruction (Pine Bluff) map

3 Videos Proving Mark Pryor Can't Hide His Support For Obama

Insane to vote for Mark Pryor or any democrat this November-Obama will (give amnesty to millions of illegals)

Jacksonville Peoples Poll (Jacksonville, Arkansas)

"Who is Dependent on Welfare" video

A Must read Message from Senator Bernie Sanders

Use Your Brain People (Jonesboro)

Re: Re: @ Jonesboro (Jonesboro)

Re: @ Jonesboro (Jonesboro)

Cotton Shooting His Mouth Off Again (Jonesboro)

@Jonesboro (NLR) pic

Re: @ Democrats are wildly unpopular (Jonesboro)

Re: Pryor let the VA Ruin My Life (Jonesboro)

@ Democrats Are Wildly Unpopular (Jonesboro)

@Democrats You Are Wildly Unpopular (NLR)

Re: Re: Mark Pryor Voted For Obamacare (Jonesboro)

Re: Democrats are wildly unpopular (Jonesboro)

Re: Democrats are wildly unpopular (Jonesboro)

Democrats You Are Wildly Unpopular pic

Re: Mark Pryor Voted For Obamacare (Jonesboro)

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Teabagger, Cite Your Sources (memphis) pic

Jews Riot burn and Loot (memphis) map

Humiliating Defeats of the Obama Administration Will Continue: map

America's News Media to Blame for Ferguson map

Ferguson Computer Game!

Why Immigration Is Good For Everyone (memphis)

Obama's Last Defiant Stand Against America's Democracy pic map

Hispanics are good for Black jobs map

Hey...I'm Going To Run Again In 2016 (Washington D.C.) pic map

Nothing is broken... (Rule Of Law) pic

No Justice in Ferguson (memphis) pic

Re: Justice Is Blind (Ferguson) pic

Blacks Behaving Badly map

Re: Justice Is Blind (Ferguson) (memphis) pic

We all notice: pic map

Justice Is Blind (Ferguson) pic

RE: 18 year old Republican

Truth Brings a Bitter Message map

Hiding Truth & "Maintaining a Lie" Can Be "Exhausting!" (Right "memphis"? ) map

Obama's Order on Immigration Reform (memphis) pic

Re: Hiding from "Facts" REALLY? (memphis) map

"Speaking the Obvious" Concerning the Obama Incompetence! (US Military)

Obama's Lies Continue to be Exposed; map

The Teabagger's Newest Complaint (memphis) pic

The teabagger Bashing Our President (memphis) pic

On Riots and Rioting (memphis) pic

Re: Democrats losing Women, Young... (memphis) pic

Re: Hiding from "Facts" Whose BS? (memphis) pic

Democrats losing Women, Young, and Black voters (Memphis) map

RE: Obama lets corporations make 5.7billion $ on healthcare map

Well, we can ALL see that "memphis" is back to his "RACIST" mode! (What a LOSER!!) map

Let's See What's On "Fox & Friends" (memphis) pic

Ah yes; the SLN ("memphis") Continues with BS (Hides from Facts!) pic map

Re: For All The Defending Of Obama (memphis) pic

Final GOP Banghazi Report is Out (memphis)

For All The Defending Of Obama.... pic map

Canada is paying the price! map

Re: Hating On Obama (mem) map

Fayetteville Non-discrimination map

For All The Hating On Obama... (memphis) pic

The favorite occupation of the Obama base. pic map

A bit more accurate! pic map

The current GOP platform, its pretty scary (nwa) map

RE: 18 y/o Republican, and White Nationalist

NOT on the radicals hit list in St Louis! (burning love) pic

Maybe 3 more months... (W House) pic

Obama's TRUE Legacy! (memphis) pic

Just a few points from a 18 yr old republican (NWA)

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