Shelf of books. Amazon business stock - $100 (North Little Rock)

condition: good
This shelf of books and some CDs has been my Amazon business that I posted 6 years ago. These books just are not really popular apparently. A lot of em are history, religion, science, kid stuff, and fiction books. All the super hero stuff, how to speak a language stuff, and recent college class stuff sold out right away. These ones have been sitting in stock for years and years. If you want a bunch or all of them, about 1-2 per week sell on the Amazon so $100 is not a bad investment for all of them at all. I just don’t want to keep dealing with Amazon shoppers. They all like to cry and get everything for free. You end up roasting more money in shipping than you make from selling. Amazon sides with their liar buyers over their sellers every way possible. If you complain about anything on Amazon you get everything for free and everyone knows it. There isn’t one person in the USA who wouldn’t steal a homeless persons shoes if they knew they had their size on, and other countries are worse. But if you’re running a big Amazon seller operation already, this would keep you busy for a while.

There’s about 600 items left. Around $5000 gross inventory value. So in years and years, when all of it eventually sells, minus Amazon and shipping fees, it’s around $2000 net profit worth of books and CDs.

I’m really wanting to clear the room out of the book shelf and build a half pipe in there.

Someone please come take over the Amazon store business. The usps lady at 72118 post office is really mean and the lady’s at 72211 office are completely useless. I don’t want to keep seeing them every week for $6 a week. You can do it. Make an offer. I’ll deliver the whole bookshelf $1.34 per mile.

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