Chicken tractor - $1,000 (Little Rock)

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condition: new
size / dimensions: 14 x 5
There is no such thing as a "free-range chicken". A Free-range chicken is a construct somebody made on the Internet to get you to waste your money. All you are doing is feeding wild animals like opossums, foxes, raccoons, hawks... At the very least you need to do is pen your chickens up at night time. Don't go to one of those big department stores and spend 1000 dollars on a coop that will be completely rotten in 3 years. This chicken tractor I built is made completely out of treated lumber and will last and last. It has specifically designed wheels that can be engaged when you want to move the chicken tractor. The wheels are the "never flat solid tires". The handlebars can be moved in or out. (that comes in handy if you have to mow the grass around it). It has an outside feed box that can be loaded up. It has a gutter that collects the rain and fills the water tub. You can go on vacation for a couple of weeks and not have to worry about your chickens. It has the outside nest boxes for easy egg collection. It also has a solar-powered chicken door that can be turned off or on. The chicken tractor can be used as a tractor or a coop. I understand that the price seems high but I really can not build these things cheap anymore due to the price of things. The never-flat tires alone cost 65 dollars. Can deliver to limited areas for an additional cost.

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