Spiritual tantric healing work/bodywork for the Evolving Human (Downtown Hot Springs, AR)

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****I'm only looking to work with people who are respectful, engaged and committed to their self-improvement and the improvement of all dimensions of their lives who understand that professional tantric healing work is NOT a form of s*x work/s*xual services but an esoteric and profound type of holistic (spiritual, emotional, mental, physical...) healing and self/life improvement work. Anyone who understands this and is willing to respect the work, my boundaries and procedures is highly encouraged to inquire ****


My name is Amaku and I'm offering holistic, spiritually-focused tantric healing sessions in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Specifically, I'm offering holistic spiritual tantric bodywork which includes energy work. The somatic healing sessions are very comprehensive and start at 3.5 hours during which you will be receiving deep tissue, healing, rebalancing, and purifying bodywork the entire time. During this time, I also engage with you on what I notice in and about your body, mind, emotions and/or karma as I work with you on these areas. In my work, I consider, varying levels of you as a human (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and causal [karmic]) and all dimensions of your life (mind, body, environment, relationships). This work is for all adults wishing to evolve - especially the spiritual self.

Do find my bio and a description of my approach to healing work below. PLEASE DO READ EVERYTHING THOROUGHLY BEFORE REACHING OUT. I will ask if you've read these and will ask you to tell me what stood out to you. Please also introduce yourself properly. I will not respond to one-line messages about my pricing and availability without an introduction to who is asking and why you want to experience this work.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Peace and blessings




Amaku is an integrative mystic, a tantric practitioner and a facilitator of spiritual education, healing and experiences. She shares esoteric spiritual teachings and supports holistic evolution and healing using the principles, practices and spiritual technologies found within the paths of Shaiva Tantra and Christian mysticism. A student of and practitioner within the Kashmiri Shaivism lineage, Amaku has traveled to India, Thailand and other parts of the world, far from her native Nigeria and her original homebase of Brooklyn, New York to study the revolutionary teachings of this revered tantric lineage and to immerse herself in Tantra’s spiritual culture. In addition to her studies in Tantra, Amaku has a diverse background in spirituality and the healing arts and sciences and has studied teachings from several mystical/wisdom traditions, modalities and sciences including nutrition, Ayurveda, kinesiology and classical alchemy. A mystic and tantrika on the artist’s path, Amaku is also a professional performer, designer and art director who engages in the creation of art as a vital spiritual practice. Currently, Amaku can be found in different cities around the United States traveling for both creative and spiritual pursuits - presenting at festivals, digging in the Earth for crystals, offering healing sessions to individuals and sharing wisdom and practices from classical Tantric traditions. You are invited to engage with Amaku and her work on social media:


Description of the work and approach to healing:

Amaku offers purifying, energy-moving tantric healing work with a strong root chakra focus. Since the root chakra is associated with such things as security, stress, fear, the physical body, family, ancestral lineage and karma, there is a strong emphasis on discovering stagnation, blocks and/or blockages that are challenging the root chakra consequently affecting the areas of ourselves and our lives associated with it. Moving energy upwards in the physical and energy bodies and dissipating energies out of the bodies that no longer serve one's highest good is an important feature of her sessions. The bodywork technique is deep tissue with special attention on releasing the fascia through which the body's energy pathways (nadis) flow and releasing stagnation in the lymphatic system which is governed by the second (sacral/svadhisthana) chakra and which is often filled with stagnant emotional-sexual energy. The overall focus of her work is karmic healing which allows for more rapid spiritual evolution. Amaku's goal is to assist those receiving this work to be able to move faster through their karmic process so that they can evolve to their highest spiritual potential in the absence of intense fear and pain and with extraordinary resilience.

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