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I just noticed the person trolling me actually posted another message at some point. I am glad to just try to talk about some of those topics and hopefully we can both end up better off than we started. Not talking about this stuff isn't going to get us anywhere.

I'll just dodge the parts that I haven't seen evidence for yet, but my friends know I will reach out and apologize to them when I'm wrong on something, and I've been griping like hell at the DNC since November (from day 1) for the Debbie Wasserman scandal against Bernie, and every time I get an email from them I reply right back and shame them and vow to never help the DNC until Donna Brazile is gone and the entired DNC sandbox is dumped out and rebuilt with reputable people.

I get emails from the RNC and NRA and other places also, and I independently speak my mind to them also on the subjects I am confident of the facts on. I reserve judgement on the things that haven't been proven yet, but nobody's perfect on either side and attacking each other does not move us forward. I dig constantly for answers on a list of about 20 websites and span out from there. The truth doesn't often all come out clearly, or all at once. We're all stuck on this planet together and we build great things together, but solice and independence is good also in certain cases and to certain degrees. We have to keep the whole family happy and right now everyone's emotions are on fire and everyone's ran to their corners. The liberals had 8 years to get their way and now its the conservatives turn (again), but both sides are wrong for not working together more. Eventually we will calm down and remember what we've learned from our past and continue seeking a more perfect Union.

The gray area right now is tons of Republicans are rich as hell off of globalization and others are working for less money than they would be or have no job. My dad lost his job to Mexico. my cousins have to bid jobs lower because the Mexicans here will do jobs cheaper. On the flip side, I've worked for many many small business owners right here in Arkansas that have made a killing off of globalization and robotics and cheap stuff from China. Every person I know has saved a ton of money and bought tons of cheaper stuff from China or Mexico, so its a double edged sword.

Still, the bottom line right now and the beauty of our system is that all voices can be heard, and it's clear that some of our people need their jobs back and others don't want the imports they're enjoying ripped away. It's complicated further by our relationships with the rest of the World. We just have to figure out the right things to do and move forward with the fewest hurt people possible. Some want to stay in the past and some want to rush into the future. Some want freedom of religion and others want to impose theirs on all other people. Some want to live free and let live free and others want to tell everyone else what they can do with their bodies, etc. I will never forget that the State of Arkansas said they could kill my brother because the doctor said he was brain-dead and nobody has a problem with that, but they can't stand it that someone wants a doctor to abort a child regardless of whether the child might have been the result of rape or might be born with Down syndrome or Zika. The best thing we can do is be respectful and try to understand each other and stop trying to paint everything black or white. There is a lot of gray area and those areas are precisely what we're still struggling to solve, but sometimes there's no blanket answer. Each case is different.
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