Dog sitter ASAP

I am looking for a dog sitter for my 9 yo pit/healer mix. He is very shy, quiet and a really good dog. Preferably someone who doesn’t have any other dogs. He is a rescue, shows signs of trauma he unfortunately will never fully heal from. He is my best friend and we have been through ALOT together.
We are currently homeless and we just moved here from California a week ago. We’ve been on the streets since we pretty much got here. I had some housing lined up that fell through and some that took advantage of us and stole all the move in cost money I paid which devastated our situation since we don’t know anyone other then a couple good people we met recently. I just locked in a house we are moving into the 28th. I am an Army veteran suffering from severe PTSD and alcoholism. I NEED to leave the situation I am in and sober up and start this new chapter clean and sober! I left my home and all my family to come be by my 12 year old daughter who needs her daddy and the best version of him. I have no money up front but can pay the sitter on the 28th whatever it costs! I am ready to walk through the doors but can not go because he needs somewhere to go in the meantime. He won’t be any bother during his stay. Preferably someone who is hone full time because he does get bad separation and and will chew a door off left alone in a strange place. Flex walks himself and is pretty good at not wandering off. He does or need micromanaging alll dau long just let out a few ones a day and his bowls tooleooff . He is a strictly dog food dog treat only doer. Idc what his grandpa tries to tell you ! I Am lo for immediate care so I can go do my thing! Email me with your expos d availability ASAP!!! Thank you in advance!

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